MineLab is a leader in the world
of mining power generation

9 farms in 3 countries

MineLab is a Finnish company that deals
with cryptocurrency mining and cloud mining

MineLab data center ja toimisto sijaitsevat Suomessa, kun taas tärkein kaivos tilat sijaitsevat useissa maissa suotuisat olosuhteet crypto kaivos. Yhtiön tärkein erikoistuminen on kaivos-ja pilvi kaivostoiminta cryptocurrencies.

Due to the strong technical base, competent distribution of capacities and constant scaling – the MineLab company successfully holds on to the market throughout the entire period of operation. At the time of its creation, the MineLab team specialized in Ethereum mining, but over time, the farms were adapted to various blockchain systems, which allowed the company to expand the list of cryptocurrencies received. In addition to mining cryptocurrencies using its own capacities, MineLab attracts investors and forms collective pools of miners. The company's activities do not end with classic mining - MineLab analysts invest in successful farm projects, smart ideas and coin mining through PoS and DPoS staking. The purchase of computing power in the form of a pool – a "common online pool" - allows you to multiply the currency in your capital without spending huge amounts of capital.

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Why MineLab?

MineLab is one of the leading hash power providers in the world. Our mission is to simplify and speed up the process of cryptocurrency mining.
We are engaged in mining the main types of cryptocurrencies using several algorithms using the latest technologies, and without any pool fees. The ultimate goal of our existence is to increase the ease, intelligence and profitability of cryptocurrency mining for everyone. Our services have already attracted a huge number of investors, and we continue to develop in this direction!

Why mining?

For the stable operation of the network, cryptocurrencies need computing power. The world's largest blockchains are supported by millions of computers located around the world. Unlike paper money, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are issued by mathematical methods and stored in digital form. People who voluntarily provide their computing power to ensure the operation of such cryptocurrency networks are called miners. The management of cryptocurrencies is not carried out centrally or with the participation of so-called "intermediaries" who make decisions about the future of the system.

How are cryptos protected?

The only way to avoid creating money out of thin air and devaluing it is to burn real electricity. This principle is called" Proof-Of-Work". Today, the Bitcoin network is the most secure computer network on the planet, and it is almost impossible to hack it! The reason for this is hash power, a general term used to refer to the computing power that miners provide for the bitcoin network and similar cryptocurrency networks. Due to the rapid growth of the ecosystem, mining operations are currently mainly performed on specialized high-performance computers, which work most efficiently when combined into large data centers.

Why is this necessary?

It all comes down to reliability: miners maintain the reliability of blockchains and get rewarded for it. As miners, we process and verify the transactions of the cryptocurrency ecosystems, preserve and ensure the security of the public transaction history (blockchains). As a reward, the mining community receives a commission for network transactions and newly created cryptocurrency units. This is a situation where everyone wins! When you start mining with us, you get your share of this reward.

What are the prospects for cryptocurrencies?

We are waiting for a decentralized future. Miners ensure the safe operation of networks and the decentralization of powers, thus preserving the integrity of all cryptocurrency ecosystems. Such a system guarantees both healthy growth and a fair distribution of monetary crypto units to all users!

Company history

Here you can see how our company grew up
Beginning – 2017
2020 – Q1
Oopening of the first mining farm in Iceland
2020 – Q2
signing of a contract with GENESIS WS LTD
2020 – Q3
systematic opening of additional mining farms in Finland, Canada and Iceland
2020 – Q4
start of investment of generated profit in pharmaceutical projects
2019 – Q1
launch of the program for the formation of collective pools of miners
2019 – Q2
Opening of the first mining farm in Canada
2019 – Q3
Adding Dogecoin and Monero mining protocols
2019 – Q4
Expanding capabilities in working with PoS and Pos stacking protocols
2018 – Q1
opening of a data center in Finland
2018 – Q2
Adding Ripple and Stellar mining protocols
2018 – Q3
Opening two new mining farms in Finland
2018 – Q4
Adding Litecoin and Dash mining protocols
2017 – Q4
launch of the MineLab project

Meet the MineLab’s team

Amber McBride
Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Kalevi Hämäläinen
Marketing Director
Steven Glenn
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Matias Järvinen
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Chi Ming Ho
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Countries with
our mining farms
years of work
Profit for the year 2020
Numbers of
mining farms
Number of cryptocurrencies

At the moment, the MineLab platform owns 9 mining farms in three countries

Mining Lab Oy LC

Piilipuuntie 18, Espoo, Finland, 02250

Business ID 2851561-2

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